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Erato Issue III: Hunger


Erato Magazine's 3rd issue is an exploration of the most primal, consuming sin, namely 'hunger'. The poetry, prose, and art of issue III shows different forms of human hunger, with some pieces "dedicated to expressing how it feels to be chewed up and spat out by capitalism, consumerism, fleshly landscapes and oblique questions that hunger for easy answers."

The issue features:
- 'Criptime Cento' by Mona Mehas (poetry)
- 'Anatomy of Religion' by Rebecca Hooper (poetry)
- 'Global Flavor Riot' by Bob King (poetry)
- 'Sarah' by Edith Riegler (art)
- 'Ends Meat' by Shrief Fadl (poetry)
- 'Mara River Crossing' by Thomas Farr (poetry)
- 'My Teeth Tear Into the Plum' by Lynn M. Finger (poetry)
- Apples & Owls at Midnight' by Scott Thomas Outlar (poetry)
- 'Hunger' by Alejandro 'Ale' Gonzalez (art)
- 'Pumilus' by Bonganí Zungu (poetry)
- 'Cookbook' by Joseph Byrd (poetry)
- 'Psyche' by Dionissios Kollias (poetry)
- 'Something, in its Entirety' by Ismene Ormonde (prose)
- 'Fragaria' by Eithne Shearer (prose)
- 'Human Women' by Elizabeth Anne Schwartz (prose)
- 'The Three of Us' by Jessica Swift (art)